Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Tuition Really Necessary?

This question is akin to asking if taking a taxi to school daily is necessary.

Indeed, a taxi does bring its passenger from point A to B more comfortably and in a much shorter time.

Is it necessary? No it is not.

But it is a privilege that certainly help make your journey easier and also to allow you to reach your exact destination.

In today’s context, tuition is no longer just for students who are lagging behind in the subject. It is also to increase efficiency – to maximise learning within a short time.

It is common knowledge that the life of a student in Singapore is very hectic because it is packed with numerous programmes. This makes personal and family time even more precious. The amount of homework is piling as the educational landscape grew even more competitive. Every subject has their challenges. Even a student who is inclined towards Physics will find that he/she has to spend a good amount of time cracking their brains on challenging problems, identifying the key concepts, writing summaries to consolidate, just to name a few.

Through numerous interactions with students, I also discovered that the reasons they are not scoring is very often NOT because they are weak in the subject. There are other reasons such as over-teaching of content in their own schools. See the full description of common problems encountered by today’s students here.

Under the guidance of a good tutor with a wide range of quality learning resources and skillful teaching, a lot of time can be saved and academic success achieved.

2.  How will I Benefit from your Physics Tuition Class?

Under my coaching, you will be going through a highly efficient programme that closely monitors your progress. Quality lesson materials and clever strategies will ensure you maximise your potential in scoring for the subject.

By having a small class size no more than 10, I can closely monitor your progress. I will mark your worksheets and quizzes, completing each with feedback to close any gaps. My tuition class is not just about giving questions and going through answers. I have to see that the concepts sink in.

You will be using my unique lesson materials not found elsewhere. During regular class, you will be guided through each chapter using my study package which comprises of notes and carefully selected examples and exercise questions. Depending on your level of understanding, you will be given worksheets at different levels of challenge to reinforce your learning. This is the essence of differentiated teaching, which recognises the fact that not all students are at the same starting points, nor do they learn at the same pace. In short, my teaching techniques will cater to the F9 as well as the A1-student. Students will be given the all-time favourite 2-page chapter summary. At the end of the course you will see that the whole syllabus is compressed into no more than 22 sheets of A4 paper.

Secondary 4 students will go through a series of unique revision worksheets which follows the National Examinations requirements very closely. The worksheets come with a handy checklist for student to check their proficiency for every single syllabus requirement. Nearing the Examination period, I will conduct several rounds of mock examinations, in which you will receive individual reports of your performance. The objective is to identify your weak topics and I will help you work on them. After a few such cycles, you will be proficient in all topics and ready to score for the examination.

3. How can I catch up if I join halfway through the course?

Time lost can never be recovered. Students who joined at a later time are encouraged to sign up for the Topical Revision Classes that are held in every Holiday Period. Find out more here.

4. Your track records show a high percentage of Distinctions among your students. Do you only take in students who are already good in the subject?

I had rich experiences in coaching students from different academic backgrounds and foundation. By adopting the technique of differentiated teaching, I make modifications to the instructional programme of every individual student. Because of that, all students with different aptitude in Physics benefits from my coaching. Is there any evidence? Yes, in 2015, the grade of every student were pushed up by a minimum of 3 (e.g. B4 to A1), regardless of what was their grade when first joined my classes.