Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Classes 

General Information

Equipped with a Physics Lab, our Physics Tuition Centre is one of the few that prepares students well for both the theory and practical component of the examinations.

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Regular Class

The weekly regular classes are recommended for students who

  1. want to stretch their capacity and competency in the subject,

  2. seek to benefit from a highly efficient academic programme that delivers large amount of content knowledge and skills within a short time,

  3. are not benefiting enough from their curriculum programme in their own schools, and

  4. want to enjoy learning Physics!

The classes are aimed to help students achieve higher competency and confidence in the 2 Key Assessment Objectives stated by Cambridge International Examinations (O Level):

  1. Knowledge with Understanding

  2. Handling Information and Solving Problems

In these classes, students will be

  1. guided through every single learning objectives (LO) listed by Cambridge International Examinations (O and A Level),

  2. learning the key concepts for each topic through carefully selected examples,

  3. given time to apply what they have learnt through attempting carefully selected examination questions that covers all LOs (MCQs from Paper 1, Structured and Free Response Questions from Paper 2)

  4. given a wide range of materials that suits their personal learning style, and most importantly,

  5. guided to become a more effective and independent learner.

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As every learner is unique, an effective curriculum is one that differentiates teaching to cater to the broad spectrum of students, monitors their progress closely, and provides timely feedback.
— Calvin Kong