The First and Only
Physics Tuition Specialist Centre + Physics Lab

Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Centre is a Specialist Centre that strives to be the leading Physics Tuition Centre in Singapore. We do so by channeling all our energy and resources into making the teaching and learning of one single subject well. With our fully equipped Physics Lab, we are able to conduct practical lessons to prepare our students well for real world scientific work and also the Practical Examination Component.

We offer programmes to prepare students well for the O-Level, A-Level, IP and IB examinations. Blending skillful teaching, proven strategies and high quality lesson resources, we are confident to push every student to their maximum potential.

Excel with Former-MOE Senior Teacher for Physics

Why Physics Tuition with Us?

  • Our principal tutor Mr Calvin Kong is a former MOE Senior Teacher for Physics (12 years Experience), and also a Subject Supervisor for O Level Practical Examination.

  • Trained under Teaching Experts from Massachusetts and California in the Skillful Teaching Enhanced Mentoring (STEM) Programme.

  • Physics curriculum planner and mentor to other Physics Teachers while in service.

  • Concept delivery, Retention and Consolidation of Content , Examination Strategies.

  • Wide range of learning resources, research proven pedagogy and differentiated instruction technique allows students to learn at own optimal pace.

  • Our centre focuses on Physics only. We have a strong team of tutors who specialise in the subject taken at the various academic programmes - O Level (Pure Physics and Science Physics), A Level (H2 Physics), Integrated Programme (IP) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

  • One of the first few physics tuition centres with a fully-equipped physics lab to help students prepare for the practical examination.

  • Well-affirmed by students from all corners of Singapore ranging from Yishun Town Sec (North), PLMGS (North-East), Anglican High School (East), MGS and SCGS (Central), Nan Hua High School (West), Swiss Cottage Secondary School (North West) and many more. Read positive reviews here!

  • Stellar achievements with 100 % of students getting distinction and/or minimum 3 grade jump.

  • With many classes each week, students enjoy flexible arrangement to fit their personal schedule.

Even some of the more difficult topics had become easy to grasp after attending his classes
— Kayla De Silva, SCGS
My child likes his teaching very much as she is able to understand the concepts better. I regretted not sending her to Calvin Kong’s class earlier.
— Kelly Ng, Parent of Leong Jing Wen
You are an amazing tutor who were able to deliver the concepts to us in a clear and concise manner.
— Wan Tze Yuan, Nanhua High School

Latest Updates

  1. Practical Workshop on 9 August is open for Registration now!

  2. NEW Sec 3 Class on Fridays 6.30pm!

  3. June Holiday Practical Workshops are full! We are planning to run more of the workshops. Check schedule here.

  4. Close to 100 new student positive reviews here.

  5. Hear from satisfied parents here.

Teaching is an art which when done skillfully and creatively, will bring about astounding academic achievements through delightful learning experience. My life mission is to design a curriculum programme that gives my students the best of both worlds.
— Calvin Kong