Students' Achievements

Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Singapore Results Excellent 2017
Differentiated Learning Physics Tuition Singapore

Ask any education expert and they will tell you that every individual’s brain is wired differently. This leads to the fact that all students are unique and learn differently. For this reason, Former MOE Senior Teacher for Physics, Calvin Kong believes that a curriculum that allow students to learn at their own pace and style is the key to helping them reach their maximum potential. There is no one t-shirt size that fits all.

At Calvin Kong Physics Tuition, a differentiated curriculum designed, facilitated and taught by Calvin Kong himself is put in place to help every student reach their goals in the most efficient manner, regardless of their starting point. Adhering to the philosophy of learning through mistakes, students find themselves looking forward to classes as it is a safe environment to make errors and grow in the process. Together with research proven teaching strategies and fun-filled physics demonstration, he had inspired many and rekindled their joy of learning.