Francis Chu.jpg
After attending Mr Calvin Kong’s class since early this year, my results have had a tremendous improvement from C5 in Secondary 3 SA2 to a Distinction for my Secondary 4 Preliminary Examinations. I find Mr Kong’s teaching style and materials provided very efficient and effective for my learning as compared to my previous tutors. He is very approachable and is always willing to meet outside lesson time to answer my doubts. Thank you, Mr Kong!
— Francis Chu, St. Andrew's Secondary School

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SASS - Gabriel Chai a.jpg
The lesson notes prepared by Mr Calvin Kong are very concise, yet comprehensive, helping me to relearn my weaker topics quickly. He is able to explain the difficult concepts very clearly and with great details. He is also able to explain all the common mistakes made by students. In this way, we are more well-prepared and alert during the exams. I highly recommend his classes.
— Gabriel Chai, Saint Andrew’s Secondary School

Before I attended his lessons Physics was subject that I disliked. However, after attending his lessons I have realised that Physics can be fun and interesting. The usual card tricks and stories that he shares with us allows us to enjoy his lessons. He is able to simplify difficult concepts and explain them with demonstrations making it much easier to understand them.
— Arvind Natarajan, SJI (Independent)
Best Physics Tuition
Mr Calvin Kong teaches Physics with unparalleled clarity, and is the main reason for my huge improvement from where I started from – a state of not knowing anything about the subject. He keeps lesson interesting by conducting real-life demonstration and he provides many detailed worksheets and notes that students can refer to. I also greatly appreciate that he cares for our welfare. I will always remember that he treated me lunch when I ran out of money, and the fact that he does not charge fees during absence shows that he cares more for our benefits than his profit.
— Zann Lim, SJI (Independent)
SJI Ind - Nigel Sim a.jpg
I understand my Physics concepts better with the notes and lessons that were useful. Mr Kong explains his lessons in great detail and is able to make classes fun and engaging, which helped improve my Physics grades. He would clarify the doubts of all students easily and I enjoyed going for his classes each week.
— Nigel Jim, SJI (Independent)
Physics Tuition
Really great tutor. Managed to easily understand topics that I was previously struggling with. He had also helped me to feel more confident in the subject and inspired me to learn more.
— Ayman, SJI (Independent)
Physics Tuition Singapore
I dare say that I have learnt more about Physics in the 4 months with him than I have learnt from my 2 years in school!
— Chris Lim, SJI (Independent)

Alyssa Pua.jpg
Mr Kong is an approachable and helpful teacher that guides us in every way possible. I can always count on him to explain the abstract concepts clearly and with the addition of different learning materials- difficult exam questions, consolidated notes and visual animations, students can expect to receive a straightforward and methodological approach in succeeding in their exams. Personally, I had consistently achieved C grades in my physics exam, however ever since joining, I have been attaining A or A* grades for my mock or semester exams.
— Alyssa Pua, SJI (International)

SMSS - Sandrine Sam a.jpg
After attending lessons with Mr Kong, I have become much more confident with myself in Physics and am not afraid to attempt various questions across different topics which I was afraid to even tackle before coming to Calvin Kong Physics! I was exposed to a wide variety of questions and answering techniques, especially certain keywords that the markers will look out for during examinations. This has boosted my confidence in Physics Paper 2 and I was pleased that the O Level paper was manageable in my case! The revision worksheets , summary sheets and extra practices were extremely useful in my revision for the O Levels. Thank you Mr Calvin Kong!
— Sandrine Sam, St. Margaret’s Secondary School

No matter how hard I tried to understand concepts from O Level assessment books, I ended up failing and even got recommended to drop to combined sciences. Later on, I joined Calvin’s physics tuition class and neither could I believe but my whole thought process changed and I managed to get an A2 for O Level Pure Physics, something I would not even have hoped for in the past!
— Nathaniel Tan, A2 for O Level Physics, St. Patrick's School

SST - Ashley Chan a.jpg
Your classes are extremely engaging and entertaining. It definitely made Physics more enjoyable and easier to grasp. The lessons are well-paced with short YouTube breaks that helps keep up the fun atmosphere. You are approachable and friendly which makes it easier to clarify any doubts after lesson. Thank you
— Ashley Chan Si Ya, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
SST - Amanda Han a.jpg
Despite the short period I have been with the centre, I was able to clarify many key concepts and answering strategies in the lessons through critical learning. If I had known about this centre much earlier, I am sure my results would be much more spectacular. I am now able to see Physics as a fun and relatable subject and can find myself thinking of what kinds of Physics has been applied in my daily life and would recommend this class to anymore who struggles to understand the concepts taught in school.
— Amanda Han Xin Hui, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Oliver Ong.jpg
Lessons are enjoyable and effective. Mr Calvin Kong explains concepts really well and as simply as it can get. The atmosphere during class is very relaxed and I feel at ease when learning. The notes are extremely helpful as the contents are separated into different sections of the syllabus. Furthermore, Mr Kong is caring, humorous and makes lessons fun.
— Oliver Ong, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Lim Ming Hui.jpg
His classes are always interactive and supplemented with detailed notes and worksheets. He is always willing to clear my doubts and answer my questions. I first joined his class in March of Secondary 4, when my grade for CA1 was an F9. Within 2 months, my grade improved to B3 for the Mid-year Examinations!
— Lim Ming Hui, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
After reading his detailed notes that are so well organised, I am able to connect the dots between the various chapters. The worksheets he created are very aligned with the o-level syllabus and standards such that after doing them, we feel confident about the upcoming exams.
— Asritha, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Darelyn Lim.jpg
Mr Kong had given me a clearer and deeper understanding of Physics concepts and how it can be applied not only in questions but also in real life scenarios. I was never fond of Physics, but Mr Kong has made learning Physics a lot more fun and engaging, rekindling my interest in science.
— Alyssa Siow, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Liew Jia Wen.jpg
Having physics tuition with my class mates has made learning physics to be a much more enjoyable experience, especially with such a wonderful physics tutor who explains concepts in a very clear and detailed manner. His lessons has made me become more interested in Physics, both within and beyond the 0-level syllabus.
— Liew Jia Wen, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Darelyn Lim.jpg
Physics has always been a confusing subject until I joined Mr Kong’s physics tuition class. His clarity in explanation had made the subject much easier to understand. Not only can we approach him during class time, online communication has also made it easier for me to ask questions.
— Darelyn Lim, School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Alyssa Siow.jpg
Mr Kong had given me a clearer and deeper understanding of Physics concepts and how it can be applied not only in questions but also in real life scenarios. I was never fond of Physics, but Mr Kong has made learning Physics a lot more fun and engaging, rekindling my interest in science.
— Alyssa Siow, School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Mr Calvin Kong uses innovative and methodical approaches to help his students better digest chunks of concepts. He truly brings out the vibrancy of the subject by crafting intriguing lessons filled with demonstrations, simulations and such. At the same time, he is extremely dedicated and provides many crucial and useful resources that tremendously aid us in exams. Attending his lessons was really a wisening and impactful experience.
— Aleena Sarah , Shuqun Secondary School

Charis Leong a.jpg
Through your notes I was able to go from understanding almost nothing about the topic to being able to grasp and recall concepts easily enough. I enjoyed your lessons as they were easily understandable and made me more confident in my abilities, as well as your entertainment keeping me awake. Thank you Mr Kong!
— Charis Leong, SCGS
Physics Tuition for O Level
Even some of the more difficult topics had become easy to grasp after attending his classes, and I definitely felt more confident when sitting for my exams. His enthusiasm is extremely motivational and has inspired me to set higher targets for myself. Overall, this is one of the best physics tuition classes I have ever attended.
— Kayle De Silva, Singapore Chinese Girls' School
Physics Tuition a Level
I ended Secondary 3 with generally poor results in Physics and I spent several days deliberating whether I should drop the subject. But luckily, after I saw Mr Kong’s advertisements, I decided to give Physics one more shot. I joined Mr Kong’s classes at the end of 2016, and the first lesson on EM Waves already allowed me to gain more faith in my ability in Physics. Through the course of 2017, my grades in Physics improved tremendously, and I began to like the subject more than I ever had.
— Koh Hui Qing, Singapore Chinese Girls' School

The classes are very engaging and very helpful for my understanding of the subject. I have struggled with Physics until finding Mr Kong.
— Thach Pona Bandith, Swiss Cottage Secondary School
Joel Teh.jpg
Mr Calvin Kong is able to use multiple ways to tackle difficult physics questions, in addition to simple and clear explanations towards each question. He is a caring and concerning tutor who will reach out to all students, identify their weak areas, and guide them along such that everyone is at the same pace in class. A dedicated tutor who would sacrifice his personal time and place students as priority. Highly recommended.
— Joel Teh, Swiss Cottage Secondary School

The materials provided by Mr Kong is very effective and his lessons are very fun and interesting and he made Physics enjoyable for me.
— Cho Junli Ryan, Tanglin Secondary School
Samatha Ong.jpg
I always look forward to Mr Kong’s class as he is able to explain complicated physics problems in a simple way. I am so glad that I had joined his class as my Physics improved a lot and I am confident that I will do well in my O Levels.
— Samantha Ong, Tanglin Secondary School

Lyn Ong.jpg
Mr Calvin Kong is the best teacher I ever had. He is dedicated and constantly striving to help his students achieve their very best, crafting excellent learning resources such as the 2-page summary sheet and many useful practice questions. I would highly recommend his class to anyone who is struggling with Physics but still desire an A1!
— Lynn Ong, TKGS

It is undeniable that he will give his best to his students all the time. From staying back after class, to upgrading of facilities, to improving his teaching methods, he had done it all. He is an approachable and candid teacher who will extend an arm to whoever needs it. From a student’s point of view, materials of his are much more useful than those provided by schools, and given the variety of organised and well-planned resources, they are designed to suit everyone.
— Michelle Pang, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Westwood - Terence Teo a.jpg
I tried out Mr Kong’s lessons and found them extremely interesting. Physics was not my favourite subject until I attended his lessons. I started to gain an interest in it. I also found hope and I persevered thanks for Mr Kong’s encouragements along the way. He is really a caring teacher and I can guarantee that after coming for his classes, every student will definitely feel more willing to explore further and ace the subject. Thank you Mr Kong for what you have taught us. I truly appreciate it.
— Terence Teo, Westwood Secondary School

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Before joining Mr Calvin Kong’s class, all I did to prepare for my Physics examinations was just memorising of formulae without much understanding of the concepts at all. Thanks to Mr Kong’s patience and clear explanation of the topics, I have undoubtedly improved in my grades through getting the concepts right.
— Anna Bella Ang, Xinmin Secondary School

Samuel Ong.jpg
Through Mr Calvin Kong’s Physics Tuition class, my grasp on physics concepts and knowledge has improved tremendously. I am thankful for his guidance and his full dedication towards helping all his students including me to become better in the subject. As he makes lessons interesting and gives very clear explanations, I strongly recommend his tuition class to anyone who wants to enjoy and learn well for this subject.
— Samuel Ong, Yishun Town Secondary School

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Yuan Ching - Melvin Lee a.jpg
I only joined this tuition centre for a few months before my ‘o’ levels as I was not achieving the grades I wanted to and started panicking. Despite such a short time span, the teachers were still willing to take me in and support me on this journey. I was given a lot of practice papers which increased my exposure to different questions. The teachers will also refresh the previously taught topics with us and provide intensive revision at the topics. The summary notes provided for us is extremely useful and easy to understand. I was able to revise the day before the ‘o’ levels examination and walked into the exam hall with confidence. The teacher will also make an effort to regularly bring the topics taught in class to real life through examples, allowing us to better understand the concepts. The lessons were very engaging and I was able to benefit from it greatly.
— Melvin Lee, Yuan Ching Secondary School