Mr Kong’s Physics lessons are very engaging This is not only because he can explain the difficult concept clearly, but also makes Physics comes alive and relatable to real life. The notes prepared by Mr Kong is very comprehensive and clear. Through his work, one can definitely see the effort and passion for teaching. In addition, Mr Kong is a very helpful and optimistic person. He is can really work well with us students. He truly inspires to make us want to work hard for our future. Thank you, Mr Kong.
— Fu Ziyu, Damai Secondary School

Mr Calvin Kong is a very dedicated and patient tutor who can teach complicated concepts in a very simple way such that his students can comprehend them. He puts in a lot of effort in creating his lesson materials. Also without fail, he is always willing to stay back after lessons to patiently clarify our doubts and ensure that we fully understand the questions that we had problem tackling. Thank you, Mr Kong!
— Sim Ru Wei, Evergreen Secondary School

FMSS - Kyler Ito a.jpg
Mr Kong has dramatically improved not just my Physics results, but my understanding and interest for the subject. His lessons are very well thought through and very effective, tackling a sufficient and comfortable workload while still covering a substantial amount of content. The material that he provides is also incredibly fleshed-out and paired with his great teaching, is sure to help improve anyone’s Physics understanding. Not only that, but Mr Kong also makes an effort to engage with his students and make lessons interesting whether be it through some magic tricks or with his many jokes! Thank you Mr Kong!
— Kyler Ito, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)
FMSS - Joshlyn Looi a.jpg
Mr Kong’s lessons are one of the most interesting lessons that I look forward to attend. He helped me with enquires I have with Physics. I have become more confident in my concepts and answering techniques ever since I joined the tuition classes. He does check on our understanding by making sure everyone is alright with the things he goes through before proceeding I’ll definitely recommend him to my juniors. Overall, he is an excellent teacher!
— Joshlyn Looi, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)

Mr Kong has good mastery of the subject, and his teaching style has indeed made me understand and like Physics so much more. He is one of the best Physics Teacher I have met who knows how to teach the concepts effectively, not only to prepare us for our exams but also to promote critical thinking in real life. His lessons are enjoyable, and he is very helpful and approachable. Thank you!
— Lim Cheyn Tong, Fuchun Secondary School

FHSS - Don Ong a.jpg
The lessons are well-planned and great! My Physics grades managed to improve from C5 to B3. His notes are also better than my school notes as it is more detailed. Without his help, I would not have understood most of the topics in Physics. However, because he had the June Holiday revision package, which was for us to pick up the chapters that we were weak in and of our preference. This helped me to keep up with my classmates in school. I really like his teaching method! I remembered once he showed us how Total Internal Reflection occurs by shining a green laser into a “diamond”. The view was spectacular.
— Don Ong, Fuhua Secondary School
FHSS - Selicia Tan a.jpg
Mr Kong has good mastery of the subject and is able to deliver the content well. He also gives detailed notes and summaries for every chapter and I am able to use them for my revision. He also tells us to bring it for every lesson so that we can refer to them easily. He follows the learning outcomes of the topic closely and uses them to create the summary notes.
— Selicia Tan, Fuhua Secondary School
Good teaching skills! My physics results improved tremendously after attending tuition. Explanation of concepts and materials given are also very good!
— Goh Jing Wei, Fuhua Secondary School
Mr Kong is a very responsible tutor and makes the lesson very fun. He teaches Physics well such that students understand his clear explanations. He also goes through many types of questions to prepare students for exams. This has benefitted me greatly.
— Loh Jia Ying, Fuhua Secondary School

Mr Kong is an approachable tutor whom allows students to ask him questions beyond class time. The materials he had prepared allowed me to have greater confidence in tackling difficult questions. His lessons were fun and enjoyable as he uses real life examples to explain certain concepts. He also tends to brighten up the class mood by trying to crack jokes or share the real life experiences he had gone through. Thanks to Mr Kong, I have greater confidence in the subject I once almost lost hope in.
— Teo Li Juan, Gan Eng Seng School
Physics Tuition Centre
Mr Calvin Kong is one of the most passionate and creative tutor I have met. He is able to bring out the concepts well using different methods of teaching to strengthen my physics concepts. Most importantly, he is one of the most approachable, understanding person whom you can ask questions when in doubt. After attending his lessons, I gained more confidence and saw improvement in the subject which I initially lost hope in.
— Selina Lee, Gan Eng Seng School
Physics Tuition Centre Singapore
Mr Calvin Kong has been an amazing tutor whom I can approach when in doubt of any concepts. Among all the tuitions I have heard of and attended, his lessons are the most organised and well-paced. It is never to fast to catch up nor too slow hence making one doze off. The materials he had created are just awesome and it allows me to grasp the concepts quickly. In all, his teachings had surely prepared me well for my O levels.
— Seetha, Gan Eng Seng School
Physics Tuition Clementi
His effective teaching techniques and engaging lessons pulled me up quickly and I eventually managed to obtain an A1 for my year-end Preliminary Examinations 3 months later. He makes lessons very interesting and its the first time that I actually looked forward to going to tuition! :) I myself am surprised that I could jump so many grades in a short period of time with his help. Mr Kong is also very humorous and never fails to brighten up the mood of the class.
— Viktoriia Mytsyk, A1 for O Level Physics, Gan Eng Seng School

Leong Jing Wen.jpg
After attending Mr Kong’s class for just 2 months, I find that I am starting to be more confident and regained the faith in myself as all the fundamentals which I previously failed to grasp are now made clear. The entire learning experience is simply unforgettable and had made me believe in the impossible and to have the courage to challenge myself.
— Leong Jing Wen, Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)

Read testimonial from parent of Leong Jing Wen here.

HS Cat SS - Jolie Teng a.jpg
Mr Kong’s lessons are extremely enriching because I am able to build upon and expand on what is taught in school. Moreover, the lessons strengthen my foundation on weaker chapters such as electricity and magnetism. Through demonstrations in class, I am able to understand concepts better instead of memorising information to regurgitate them during examinations. Unlike school teachers, Mr Kong views questions through students’ perspectives and explains them using a step-by-step approach. Mr Kong’s ability to teach difficult questions has made me realise that Physics is not that complicated a subject.
— Jolie Teng, Hai Sing Catholic Secondary School
When I first joined the tuition in July, I was inevitably scared that I had to put in lots of hard work to improve since my foundation for Physics was not solid and it was only a few months away to my O Levels. However, the learning tools and lessons planned by you were both effective and efficient in helping me to understand the concepts that I previously did not understand. Furthermore, you constantly motivate me and are always very patient with any questions that I had clarified. Thank you for making Physics such an awesome subject!
— Ang Shi Ying, Hai Sing Catholic School

Mr Kong has greatly enhanced my understanding in the subject. Physics is one of the subjects I disliked the most because my teacher had never really taught us about the application of concepts and simply read what was in the textbook. I joined the class considerably late in April 2018 with faint understanding of the subject, but after attending the March holidays revision classes and attempting the extra practice questions given, I can confidently say that all my doubts for the Secondary 3 topics that I was very confused about has been cleared and Physics seems more bearable and enjoyable. Thank you Mr Kong!
— Queena Lee, Hillgrove Secondary School

Home-schooled - Damaen Tan a.jpg
I always enjoy Mr Kong’s classes. He explains concepts very well and sometimes add in interesting facts that help to deepen my interest and broaden my knowledge. Mr Kong is a friendly and approachable teacher whom I can turn to when I need help with my Physics. Mr Kong sometimes makes us laugh with his funny comments and jokes and this livened up the class. Thank you very much, Mr Kong for being my tutor.
— Damaen, Home-schooled

Irfan .jpg
Mr Calvin Kong’s classes are very engaging. He explains very clearly, using keywords to help me understand the different topics better. His 2-page summary and revision worksheets are instrumental in helping me improve quickly, as they are easy to understand.
— Muhammad Irfan, Hong Kah Secondary School

Huayi - Akif Naufal a.jpg
Lessons with Mr Kong were fun and engaging. I learnt so much about Physics and improved. Mr Kong delivers his lessons clearly with much understanding. His lessons are well-planned and he maximises the time we have every lesson to ensure that every student understands. I enjoy all of Mr Kong’s lessons. Mr Kong relates well with me and I feel comfortable to talk with him and clarify my doubts in certain topics.
— Akif Naufal bin Ahmad Sanhajie, Hua Yi Secondary School

IP Physics Tuition - Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)
Mr Kong is a very approachable and friendly tutor who is patient and detailed when explaining new or challenging concepts to students. He would never hesitate to answer queries during lesson and is willing to sacrifice time after lessons to go through students’ school test paper or worksheets to clear their doubts. Lessons are filled with miniature experiments, tons of drawings and diagrams as well as computer simulations and videos to boost students’ understanding and interest in the subject and topic. When I first joined, Physics was boring and monotonous to me and naturally, I did not perform well in school for the subject. My Kong’s notes and worksheets were able to break down concepts of topics into their simplest forms, allowing me to pick up concepts very quickly and even breeze through challenging questions. This also made physics much more fun and exciting as I truly understood the concepts within instead of relying on memory work and regurgitation. I am truly appreciative of Mr Kong’s help in my great improvement in the subject. Thank you Mr Kong!
— Luke Chen, Hwa Chong Institution
Physics Tuition for O Level
Mr Calvin Kong is a friendly and humorous teacher who is able to make physics an enjoyable subject. During lessons, he tries to ensure that everyone is able to keep up with him, so that no one feels lost. For the blander aspects of physics, he spices them up with links to our daily lives. And for some of the tougher chapters, he goes through them in greater detail with many helpful drawings. I have had fun learning under him.
— Gabriel Goh, Hwa Chong Institution

O Level Physics Tuition - Jurong Secondary School
After going for this Tuition, my grades for physics shot up drastically from F9 to B3. Notes are very concise and concepts are well explained. The practice booklets together with the summaries and formula sheets helps to push our grasp of the subjects quickly!
— Tessa Chan, Jurong Secondary School
Jurong Sec - Elita a.jpg
I really hated Physics in Secondary 3 and 2 and I did not understand a majority of the concepts taught in school. I really needed tuition but I could not figure out which tuition centre would be the best pick. That’s when my Chemistry tutor and school mate recommended Mr Calvin Kong’s classes to me. I really never thought I would ever like Physics but surprisingly I started liking the subject more as I begin to have a better understanding of the concepts. I first attended the intensive revision classes and it proved to be extremely helpful thus I decided to continue with the regular classes to improve further. I have seen such a huge improvement in my grades and I am really grateful for Mr Calvin Kong as he really knows how to ensure every single student in the class understands not only the topic but even a specific question. He preampts what all doubts we many have on the topic and addresses them before we could even ask. I am really grateful that I joined the tuition centre.
— Elita Elisabeth Eso, Jurong Secondary School
Jurong Sec - Irfan Abdullah a.jpg
Mr Kong has good mastery of Physics and is extremely approachable and supportive. His teaching style suits different types of students with different capabilities. He has certainly given the motivation and support needed for me to give my best for this subject. He is the best teacher I have met who gives in optimal effort to make lessons enjoyable and efficient. He has also proven to be one of the best tutors in the market in helping 90% of students attain As over the years. When I joined his tuition centre in 2017, I had a grade of F9 and within 2 months, he helped me pull my grades up to an A2! I would definitely recommend the future batch of students to have faith in Mr Kong’s methodology.
— Irfan Abdullah, Jurong Secondary School
Jurong Sec - Hu Junjie a.jpg
Really helped me understand the subject better and cleared out parts I had questions about.
— Hu Junjie, Jurong Secondary School
Mr Calvin delivers his lessons using effective methods which had helped me recalled key concepts that I had struggled remembering in the past. He ensures that all students actively participate during lesson by making it fun. He fuels my drive to learn and set new benchmarks for myself to do better. I believe that Mr Calvin is able to continue inspiring further bathes of students.
— Tahirah, Jurong Secondary School

Mr Kong cultivated in me the drive to achieve even better results. His clear and detailed explanations has heightened my ability to comprehend and solve physics problems more accurately. He has successfully managed to radiate his passion for the subject and encourage fruitful endavours. As a motivated and caring teacher, he reaches out in a myriad of ways to engage his students to obtain optimal learning and even beyond the confinements of the classroom. Thanks to him, I have never been more confident to embark my journey to O levels. =)
— Anna Florence, Juying Secondary School

KR SS - Ethel Lee a.jpg
Mr Kong is an approachable and patient teacher. Under his guidance, I managed to have a deeper understanding of topics and concepts which were difficult to understand. I also gained a lot of confidence to attempt Physics questions and getting it correct. After attending Physics class, I could grasp the foundation of each topic better. He always tries to ensure that we understand Physics concepts and answers all our enquiries. Even though I enrolled into his class at the last minute, I was able to gain sufficient help and benefitted greatly from his lessons.
— Ethel Lee, Kent Ridge Secondary School
Callista Lam.jpg
One word to describe Mr Calvin Kong – Brilliant! After attending his lessons, my passion, confidence and interest for the subject has grown tremendously. His intriguing live demonstrations had really helped me grasp difficult and confusing concepts that I was unable to understand in school. Calvin Kong’s notes are also well-crafted such that it breaks down each chapter into 2 to 3 sub-topics, making each chapter more digestible for students. He also ensures that they cover everything in the syllabus, leaving me with the peace of mind that I am well-prepared for my examinations. To end it off perfect, he provides us with his famous, concise 2-Page Summary that had made self-revision much easier and efficient.
— Callista Lam, Kentridge Secondary School
Carmen De Cruz.jpg
Mr Calvin Kong uses very innovative and interactive ways to teach in class. His lessons are fun to attend, and he made me like Physics more. I can already see an improvement in my grades after attending classes for 2 months. I’ll definitely recommend him to my schoolmates and friends!
— Carmen D'Cruz, Kentridge Secondary School
Mr Calvin Kong is a tutor who is passionate about teaching. He is able to deliver concepts in a very clear and concise manner. His friendly and positive attitude makes him very approachable. He makes physics more understandable and enjoyable which strengthened my interests in the subject.
— Mohamad Aqil, Kentridge Secondary School
Dora Yeo.jpg
Being someone who finds no interest in Physics, I found it hard to do well and eventually lost the motivation to try and understand the topics or even to listen in class. Mr Calvin Kong has his ways to relate Physics to common activities in daily lives. This not only strengthened my concepts but also gave me the motivation to give my best as I finally understood the topics. His patience and encouragement and love for the subject has really shined through during the short few months with him. So thank you Mr Calvin Kong!
— Dora Yeo, Kentridge Secondary School

Joyce Lee.jpg
Thanks for teaching me, although the time we spent together hasn’t been long. I appreciate the efforts you put into helping me. Your lessons have been fun and engaging and I have been able to clarify most of my doubts with you. You summary notes are really helpful too!
— Joyce Lee, Kranji Secondary School
Edwin Lee.jpg
Thank you for all the time you have spent on teaching me. I has been really fun and enjoyable for me. Even though I have only been with you for 3 months only, I have learnt a lot. I started out without really understanding all the different concepts. However because of you have understood many things. Thank you!
— Edwin Lee, Kranji Secondary School