Go Above and Beyond with Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Centre in Singapore

With international training and a mindset of continuous growth, former MOE senior teacher Calvin Kong has honed his skills to provide the best and most effective physics tuition in Singapore. Catering to students of different academic foundations, Calvin Kong has developed a teaching programme which helps all students reach their fullest potential.

With a variety of classes available for students to customise to their learning needs at differing levels, Calvin employs principles of teaching and learning backed by verified research. Through his method of breaking down complex physics concepts into simpler ideas, he has been able to help many students drastically improve their grades.

O Level A Level Physics Practical Lab
O Level and A Level H2 Physics Tuition
Secondary and JC Physics Tuition

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Innovative Physics Tuition Classes in Singapore

In Calvin Kong’s classes, every student is given the focus they need to help them achieve their goals. More than just memorising facts and rote learning, our engaging physics tuition classes are designed to spark curiosity and ignite genuine passion for learning itself, more than just the subject matter at hand.

One of the key skill sets for the 21st century is critical thinking, which is an integral skill required for success in life. The approach taken at Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Singapore ensures that all students develop a solid sense of critical thinking. This prepares them to better meet the challenges presented in their careers, as well as everyday life.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Every individual has a different approach to learning physics. With respect to this spectrum of learning styles, Calvin Kong curates his tuition approach to allow each student to learn at their own pace. In addition, he strongly believe that learning through mistake is a necessary rite of passage to success and hence strive to develop this positive culture in his centre, making it a safe environment to make errors. This allows students to grow on a personal level as well as an academic one.

Calvin ensures that student stay engaged in the lessons through physics demonstrations and computer animations. This allows students to enjoy the subject more and also grasp difficult abstract concept through real life demonstrations. From those who are struggling to obtain passing grades, all the way to advanced level students who want to refine their Higher Order Thinking ability - Calvin Kong Physics Tuition Singapore has got your needs covered.

To find out more about Calvin and his physics tuition classes that sets him apart from the rest, read this page. For any questions or queries you may have, feel free to call 82465685 for assistance.

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