Congratulations to the 2016 Cohort for their Achievements in the O Levels

Here are some statistics I am proud to share

For students who joined before Term 3 of Secondary 4

92 % achieved Distinction

Given enough time to coach a student, I am confident help them reached their desired goals.

For students who joined after Term 3 of Secondary 4

100 %  improved by at least 4 grades  as compared to their Secondary 4 Mid-year Examinations

Some students found me only later. Nonetheless, some had jumped as great as from an F9 to an A2.

Special Mention

100 % of Crescent Girls' School students achieved Distinction

All the students above only did one thing in common, that is to diligently attempt the materials I design and created.
You can do it too.


There are just a few ways to determine the effectiveness of a tuition class - Academic Results being the most important, followed by Student Experience.

0 Levels Class of 2016

Congratulations to Class of 2016. Here are some statistics to be proud of.

100% of the students improved by at least 3 grades after being coached by Calvin Kong.

80% of the students scored Distinction (A1 or A2).

Many of these students came for tuition because they were not doing well for their math. Most are failing, scoring Us and Es. The results go to show that it doesn't matter which school you came from. As long as you put in the hard work, getting an A or B is not impossible.