Terms and Conditions


  • Class fees are to be paid in advance on the 1st class of the month. On months with 5 classes instead of 4, the fee will be prorated

  • There is no registration fee or deposit.

  • A one-time material fee of $50 is applicable to new students who join the centre at any time of the academic year. This fee covers the basic materials for all chapters. It is payable on the first class and non-refundable. Other class materials will be given out accordingly to the schedule planned by the tutor.

  • Payment Mode

    • Cash

    • Cheque payable to REDWOOD LEARNING CENTRE

    • Fund transfer to UOB 4223110236

    • PayNow to ID 53376958B (kindly insert child’s name in the “reference number” column)

Class Attendance

  • The classes are planned to optimise students’ subject mastery and content retention. Students are strongly encouraged to attend all the scheduled classes in the year. Fees will still be charged for missed classes except for special cases. (See Refunds Section)

Absence from Class (Students)

  • Students who are unable to attend class due to a foreseeable event (e.g. overseas trips, school camps, competitions) should inform the centre at least 7 days in advance to arrange for a replacement class.

  • Under exceptional circumstances where the student is unable to attend class due to an unforeseen event (e.g. illness and compassionate reasons), he/she should inform the centre as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement class.

Absence from Class (Tutor)

  • To ensure quality teaching and consistent teaching methods, the same tutor teaches all classes. In times where the tutor needs to take leave (e.g. medical leave, military recall), parents will be informed of the change through WhatsApp. Affected students should arrange for a replacement class.

Replacement Class

  • There are several classes conducted for the same level within the academic week. Students who wants to attend a replacement class must do so within the same academic week, subject to available vacancies in the class.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend a replacement class of his/her level, otherwise, on any other days where the tutor or his assistant is in the centre.

  • Information on the classes in one academic week and the times where the tutor is in the centre is available here.

  • Notification of absence from classes and the arrangement for replacement class are to be done through parents only. Parents who wish to authorise their child to manage their tuition classes and thereby undertaking the responsibility of adhering to the terms and conditions can do so by completing a form that is available in the Centre.

Public Holiday

  • There will be no classes on public holidays unless otherwise specified. Affected students are to arrange for a replacement class within the same academic week.

School Holidays

  • For Secondary / IP Year 3, classes will continue during the June and December Holidays except on the centre’s scheduled annual breaks that falls on

(a)  week 3 or 4 of School June Holiday (to be announced in April) and
(b)  the last 2 weeks of December.

  • For Secondary / IP Year 4, classes will continue during the June Holidays, unless otherwise stated.


  • Students who are not able to attend any class within the week is considered being absent.

  • Fee refunds for class absence will only be granted when the following are presented:

    • Medical certificate (including weekends) that covers the date of the class missed.

    • Official school letters (e.g. school camps and competitions)

    • Documentary proof of overseas trip (e.g. boarding pass)


  • Students who wish to withdraw from the centre are to inform the centre before the end of the month. There will be no refund of fees paid. If there are any remaining classes in the month, the student may continue to attend classes until the end of the month.


  • Redwood Learning Centre reserves the rights to use any pictures or videos taken before, during or after classes in all its advertising and media platform (e.g. printed flyer, website and Instagram).

Rights to Change

  • The Centre reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as it deems fit and necessary at any point of time. Any change(s) made shall be made known to the parents/guardians/students.