First class falling between Fee ($)
28 Mar to 3 Apr 1105
4 Apr to 10 Apr 1020
11 Apr to 17 Apr 935
18 Apr to 24 Apr 850
25 Apr to 1 May 765
2 May to 8 May 680
9 May to 15 May 595
16 May to 22 May 510
23 May to 29 May 425
30 May to 5 Jun 340
6 Jun to 12 Jun 225

Class Topic Date & Time
1 Unit 2 - Kinematics
Unit 3 - Forces
13 June
9am - 12pm
2 Unit 5 - Turning Effects of Forces
Unit 6 - Work, Energy & Power
13 June
1pm - 4pm
3 Unit 7 - Pressure
Unit 9 - Kinetic Model of Matter
14 June
9am - 12pm
4 Unit 10 - Transfer of Thermal Energy
Unit 11 - Thermal Properties of Matter
14 June
1pm - 4pm
5 Unit 12 - Light
Unit 14 - Electromagnetic Waves
18 June
9am - 12pm
6 Unit 13 - General Wave Properties
Unit 15 - Sound
18 June
1pm - 4pm
7 Unit 16 - Static Electricity
Unit 17 - Current Electricity
19 June
9am - 12pm
8 Unit 18 - D.C. Circuits
Unit 19 - Practical Electricity
19 June
1pm - 4pm

Terms and Conditions for Regular Class


1.      Fees have to be paid before the term commence (post-dates cheque will not be accepted).

2.      There is no registration fee on the first enrolment. A registration fee of $100 is applicable at re-enrolment.

3.      All fees paid are non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, fees can be transferred to the next term. (See Section on Absenteeism and Class Replacement)

4.      The Centre reserves the right to change the fees, which will only affect newly enrolled and re-enrolled students.

Lesson Materials

5.      A one-time, non-refundable material fee of $50 is chargeable upon registration. This fee is applicable to all new students who join the Centre at any time of the academic year, covering the basic materials for all chapters. All learning materials will be distributed according to the schedule planned by the tutor. The Centre will not accede to requests for lesson materials to be given out in advance.

6.      For students who lost the lesson materials, only the summaries are replaceable and be given again out of goodwill. Materials will be chargeable for repeated cases by the same student.

Absenteeism and Class Replacement

7.      In cases of absence, students should arrange to attend other classes within the same academic week (refer to Centre Annual Calendar), which is subjected to availability. To avoid the situation of the preferred make-up slots being unavailable, arrangements should be made early.

8.      If the student is not able to schedule a replacement class, he/she may request for a transfer of the fee for that affected class to the next term only if a Medical Certificate that covers the date of absence (including weekends) is presented. Parents Letters, Medical Certificates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Overseas Institutions are not acceptable.

9.      If a student is absent for a prearranged replacement class without a Medical Certificate, the fees will neither be refunded nor transferred.

10.    In the event that the tutor needs to take leave (e.g. medical leave, military recall), a replacement tutor may be called in to replace. Parents will be notified of the arrangement.

11.    It is strongly encouraged that notification of absence and the arrangement for replacement classes are to be done by parents only. However, should a notification be received from a student, the Centre will respond accordingly, holding no responsibility in verifying it with their parents or guardian.

 Student Well-being, Safety and Personal Belongings

12.    The Centre reserves the right to stop any student from attending class should the student be found to be having a fever or a contagious disease (e.g. sore eyes, chicken pox and influenza) before or during class.

13.    The Centre will endeavour to ensure the safety of every student. However, the Centre accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage caused in the course of operating the Centre or whilst providing its services or be held responsible for any mishap.

14.    The Centre will not be held responsible for any lost of personal belongings in the premise.

15.    The Centre has the right to refuse entry to or remove from the premise, any student who displays behaviours that is disruptive, aggressive, abusive or any others that compromises the safety of other students and/or the teaching and learning in the classes. For students who frequently displays the behaviours, the Centre reserves the right to dismiss the student from the Centre with no refunds.

Public Holiday

16.    Classes that fall on a public holiday may be shifted to another date and time. All changes are already indicated on the Centre Annual Calendar.

School Holidays and Family Vacations

17.    Classes will continue during the June and December Holidays except on the Centre’s scheduled breaks that falls on

(a)    13 – 19 June (Lesson 24) for Secondary / IP 3,

(b)    the last 2-3 weeks of December for All Students.

18.   During the June and Decembers School Holidays, students going for vacation can avoid forfeiting of fees and transfer it to the next term by presenting documentary proof of the period of absence (e.g. boarding pass)

19. During the December Holidays, students who are on a long return home trip can secure their seat in the class for the next academic year by

(a)    presenting documentary proof of the overseas travel and

(b)    paying a non-refundable 1-month fee deposit for the next year. Upon return, the deposit can be used to offset the fee for the new term.

Otherwise, the Centre reserves the right to release the seat to other student without notification.


20.    Students who wish to withdraw from the Centre are to inform the Centre before the end of the term.  There will be no refund of any fees paid if the student wants to withdraw before the end of the term.


21.    The Centre has to be informed of any changes in the student’s particulars, such as contact numbers and parents’ email address.

22.    The Centre reserves the right to use any pictures, sound and videos taken before, during or after classes in all its advertising and media platform (e.g. printed flyer, website, and Instagram).

23.    The personal information collected on this form is for the use of course registration, course survey and the dissemination of news and updates about the Centre etc. The Centre is committed in maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information and undertakes not to reveal applicant’s information to any 3rd parties and program partners without prior consent of the applicant. If you suspect your data has been compromised, please inform our administrative assistants.

Rights to Change

24.    The Centre reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as it deems fit and necessary at any time. Parents/guardians will be notified of any changes.

Terms and Conditions for Intensive Revision Classes (IRC) and Head-start Classes


  • Class fees paid are not refundable except in cases of being medically unfit, accompanied with a medical certificate that covers the date of absence.

Change of Class Dates

  • Students may request for change in dates, which is subjected to availability.

  • The centre reserves the rights to change the date and time of the classes. Should there be changes

  • parents and students will be notified at least 7 days in advance, and

  • a full refund of the fees will be given if students are not able to attend the class that is set on a new date and time.